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Yep, it’s that time of year again, it’s time to make my way for my annual exam with my gynecologist. It’s no fun, no woman wants to do it, but do it I did and so should you. You know why you should go to see your local gyno and if you don’t know why you should get your annual then you really need to go see your local gyno. I took this opportunity to ask my gynecologist, Dr. R, a few questions while he was poking the boobs and swabbing the vagina with those extra long q-tips. As follows were the questions and answers during my appointment with the amiable Dr. R.

Q. Are there any etiquette rules patients would do well to follow, for instance, shaved pubic hair, shaved legs, smelly feet?
A. No, nothing like that; come as you are, it does not matter how you smell, if you are on your period, shaved legs and bushy pubes, come as you are as long as you come.

Q. Anything you would prefer patients to do during the appointment?
A. If you have an important statement or question, do ask or tell at the beginning of the appointment. If you even think you’re spouse/sexual partner is cheating on you, say so at the beginning of the appointment not the end, if you say so at the end, the exam must be gone through again to check for anything that adds to this story and other tests (STD exam) must be completed.

Q. Is there any advice you would like woman to take to heart?
A. Exercise. Exercise is vital for the female body so that as it matures, the body will adapt to hormonal changes if the body is used to exercise and it will make any weight gain all the easier to remove, but only if the body has been trained in exercise.

Q. Do patients prefer male or female doctors?
A. The current trend is that patients prefer female doctors, but this changes as the from year to year, but this current desire for female doctors is promoting more female doctors in the field of gynecology.

And with that, the speculum came out, all was wiped up, legs were closed and the appointment was over. I got a clean bill of health, my birth control was renewed, and I was given several free samples, and I was on my way. Though it isn’t fun, no one likes to do it, woman up and do it — woman up and do it!
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