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In this week’s episode a special lost episode that no one will hear because I sound like Darth Vader (sorry), Alyson and I talk about first dates.

I know a lot of women who hate dating. But I love it: the flirting, the texting, the first date when the conversation is maybe a little stilted and awkward, the question of whether there will be sex after the coffee or drinks, the sexual tension building, the first kiss when he walks me to the car, the first time we have sex, exploring bodies and learning what he likes and teaching him what I like… All of it.

And it’s all facilitated by dating apps. My two of choice are OkCupid and Tinder.

OkCupid has been my preferred app for years. I’ve found that the percentage match they provide is actually pretty accurate. I aim for an 85% or better match, and I have a few of their questions that I look at (Is a woman ever obligated to have sex with you? and No means no are two of them) if I’m really digging. I like that OKC allows users to put as much information on their page as they like, and provide questions to prompt. The questions have been the same for just about forever. OKC has the swipe right/left feature we all know and love from pretty much every dating app.

Tinder feels more throwaway to me. Not that long term relationships can’t come from something that started on Tinder, but it feels more hook-upish to me. The only way to match with someone is via swiping. Tinder accounts are linked with Facebook accounts, and it will pull in your first name, job, age, location, and photos. However, you can choose which information will appear on your Tinder account — you can pare it down so it’s just your name and photo, if you’d like. Matching is based only by swipes, which means first impression. You can go back and unmatch someone, but unless you have a paid account, you can’t undo a left/no swipe.

My preference is definitely OkCupid. There’s more information to go on, and you have a starting point for conversation, rather than “hey.” Of course, that doesn’t stop me from using Tinder.

What are your experiences with dating apps? Good, bad, or ugly?