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It’s 2016 and an election year, there are lots of promises being made that we all know won’t be kept.  There are party platforms written and discussed but let’s be honest, the platforms are just words and like all words, those words are nothing without action behind them.  We are coming off of the two least productive congresses in the history of our country.  And those actions seem like less and less of a possibility the more polarized our political discourse becomes.

Does this frustrate you as much as it does me?

I think what frustrates me the most about the political system that currently operates in the U.S. is that too many people, half of which are women, are apathetic about exercising their right to vote. They are reluctant about becoming more engaged in the governing of their local municipalities and states. There are so many social issues that need to be addressed in our society that are not because the elections have been hijacked by the few to the exclusion of the many.

Every time I hear a woman say, “I can’t wait until November and the end of this election” I cringe a little inside.  Why?  Because these women believe that they have no power to change the course of political discussion and direction in this country and they have given up.  That attitude, my friends, is part of the problem.  When you refuse to participate your voice cannot be heard.

If we, as women, want change we have to insert ourselves into the conversations.

We have to talk to our girlfriends and sisters and mothers and daughters and co-workers about policies and social issues that affect us. We have to listen to each other and be willing to work together to make our voices heard. As women we are allowed to have differing opinions than our friends and still be friends and still work together to change the rhetoric that demeans and degrades women.  We can change the social discussion to work toward change that benefits all women.  We have a voice and it is powerful and we need to use it.