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Alyson, Amber and Kelly talk about what they’ve been reading recently.

Hold by Claire Kent:

Billionaire Bride by Marquita Valentine

1984 by George Orwell

Raising Financially Fit Kids by Joline Godfrey

Shift by Gary Keller

The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

Bait by Jade West

Sons of Beasts by T.S. Joyce (Two books out of three so far)

The Baine Chronicles by Jasmine Walt (First three books of series, more follow)

Nia Rivers Adventures by Jasmine Walt and Ines Johnson

Full of Briars by Seanan McGuire

Beautiful Bodies by Kimberly Rae Miller

Brandon Sanderson:

Stormlight Archives:  Rereading Way of Kings, and Words of Radiance in anticipation of Oathbringer release;


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